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Emerging Publisher of the Year 2018

Saltire Literary Awards




Charco Press was born from a desire to do something a little out of the ordinary. To bring you, the reader, books from a different part of the world. Outstanding books. Books you want to read. Maybe even books you need to read.

Charco Press is ambitious. We aim to change the current literary scene and make room for a kind of literature that has been overlooked. We want to be that bridge between a world of talented contemporary writers and yourself.

We select authors whose work feeds the imagination, challenges perspective and sparks debate. Authors that are shining lights in the world of contemporary literature. Authors that have won awards and received critical acclaim. Bestselling authors. Yet authors you perhaps have never heard of. Because none of them have been published in English.

Until now.

Voices that stand out from the crowd. Voices that have a compelling story to tell. These are the traits we start with when looking for new authors to add to our catalogue. We choose to put our authors first as they are every bit as interesting as the books they write.

Strong Voices


Stories Worth Reading

The enigma of a suburb in a nameless place where basements are forbidden yet every house must have a room kept ready for the President. A woman, who is also a wife and a mother, wrestles with her demons on the border of insanity, alienated by small village life in the French countryside. An unlikely messianic figure rises to lead a shantytown. A series of tales that seem to have no connection to one another -or do they?- make us reflect on the simplest of human sensations. An intriguing narration travelling through a roller-coaster of philosophical questions, looking for the beginning of history.

These are the journeys that await you in our 2017 catalogue.


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