Article by FISH SOUP translator Charlie Coombe | Bookanista

From the moment I began reading them, I loved everything about the two novellas and story collection that comprise Margarita García Robayo’s Fish Soup. I found the author’s voice incredibly compelling and felt an instant connection. I could relate to the detachment, the darkness juxtaposed with understated humour, the sense of wanting to get away, of finding ways to escape the situation you are in… Sometimes, there is just something about an author’s voice that resonates so perfectly with you, and you feel exactly what they want you to feel. Deborah Levy is one of those authors for me. I recently read her story collection Black Vodka, and drew a lot of parallels with García Robayo. The books I enjoy most are acutely psychologically perceptive, and deal with love, illness, death – all the big things – with a controlled, yet poetic style. Through her various characters and scenarios, García Robayo intricately examines every aspect of this thing we call life, painting just enough detail so the reader can see through the cracks.

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