Interview | Carolina Orloff, co-founder, Charco Press | Indie Publisher of the Week - BookBlast® Diary

Charco Press is featured as Indie Publisher of the Week on Bookblast, with an interview with Carolina Orloff, one of Charco's co-founders.

Are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself.

My father owned and ran a large bookshop right in the centre of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I am from originally. It was a bookshop that had been in the family for three generations, and where the likes of Borges, the Ocampo sisters and Bioy Casares had current accounts. Both my parents were and are great readers and I grew up surrounded by books from a very early age. No doubt my love for literature grew from that. I even started writing at an early age, and had a book of poetry published when I was thirteen.

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