Southerly – Jorge Consiglio | Full Stop

Translating a title can involve a relatively straightforward switch, or it can be one of the thornier problems a translator confronts. Yet in both instances the responsibility of the translator remains significant, since transposing this keynote from one language to another requires an acute sense of what the work attempts to accomplish and the range of overtones any new version might convey. In the most successful cases, though, the ingenuity that makes the translated title seem inevitable unfortunately becomes invisible to readers who possess little knowledge of the subtleties involved. Among these examples of adroit adaptation is Southerly, the English-language debut of Argentine writer Jorge Consiglio recently released by Charco Press. (In Spanish, the name of this new publisher of Latin American literature in translation based in Edinburgh means either “puddle” or, more colloquially, that big body of water separating the Scottish city from South America: the Atlantic Ocean.)

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