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Margarita García Robayo


May 2018

Margarita García Robayo (Cartagena, Colombia, 1980) is the author of three novels, a book of autobiographical essays and several collections of short stories, including Cosas peores (Worse Things), which obtained the prestigious Casa de las Américas Prize in 2014. Her work has appeared in several anthologies such as Región: cuento político latinoamericano (Political Latin American Short Stories) and Childless Parents. In 2013 she was distinguished with a Literary Creation Grant from the Han Nefkens foundation and the Pompeu Fabra University. Her books have been published in Latin America as well as in Spain, and have been translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, Chinese and English. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

List of publications

  • Hay ciertas cosas que una no puede hacer descalza (There are certain things one cannot do barefeet) (2009) (short stories)
    (Planeta, Argentina; Destino, 2010, Spain; Marcos y Marcos, 2010, Italy)

  • Las personas normales son muy raras (Normal people are very strange) (2010) (short stories)
    (Plumas de Mompox, Colombia; Arlequín, 2011, Mexico)

  • Orquídeas (Orchids) (2011) (short stories)
    (Nudista, Argentina)

  • Hasta que pase un huracán* (Until a Hurricane Passes) (2012) (novel)
    (Tamarisco, Argentina; Laguna, 2014, Colombia)

  • Lo que no aprendí (The Things I’ve Never Learnt) (2013) (novel)
    (Planeta, Argentina; Malpaso, 2014, Spain)

  • Cosas peores* (Worse Things) (2014) (short stories)
    (Fondo Editorial Premio Casa de Las Américas, Cuba; Seix Barral, 2015, Argentina; Alfaguara, 2016, Colombia)

  • Usted está aquí (You are Here) (2015) (personal anthology)
    (Montacerdos, Chile)

  • Tiempo muerto* (Dead Time) (2017) (novel) [to be published by Charco Press] (Alfaguara, Latin America)

  • Primera persona (First Person) (2017) (essays)
    (Pesopluma, Peru)

Renato Cisneros


Renato Cisneros (Lima, 1976) is a well-known journalist, broadcaster and blogger in Peru, where he directed and presented various news programs on radio and TV. Having already published several books of poetry and a few novels, in 2015 he voluntarily stepped down from his life as a broadcaster to concentrate fully on his writing. La distancia que nos separa (The Distance Between Us) was published as a result of this. It has sold over 35,000 copies in Peru alone and has been very highly praised by the Peruvian as well as international press. Distance was shortlisted for the Mario Vargas Llosa Biannual Award, longlisted for the Prix Médicis (2017) and was the winner of the Prix Transfuge Du Meilleur Roman De Littérature Hispanophone (2017). Its sequel, Dejarás la tierra (You Shall Leave Your Homeland) is already a best-seller in Spain and Latin America and will be published by Charco Press in 2020. Renato Cisneros lives in Madrid.

List of publications

  • Ritual de los prójimos (The Others’ Ritual) (1999) (poetry)
    (Fondo de Desarrollo Editorial de la Univ. de Lima, Lima).

  • Máquina fantasma (Ghost Machine) (2002) (poetry)
    (Colmillo Blanco, Lima).

  • Nuevos poemas italianos (New Italian Poems) (2007) (poetry)
    (Álbum del Universo Bakterial, Lima).

  • Busco novia [El libro del blog] (In Search for Love – The Blog’s Book) (2008) with illustrations by Alfonso Vargas Saitua
    (Santillana, Lima).

  • Nunca confíes en mí (Never Trust Me) (2010) (novel)
    (Alfaguara, Lima).

  • Raro (Weird) (2012) (novel) with illustrations by Robotv
    (Alfaguara, Lima).

  • La distancia que nos separa* (The Distance Between us) (2015) (novel)
    (Planeta, Latin America & Spain; De Geus, Holland; Bourgois, France, Verlag, Germany; Bompiani, Italy; Planeta, Brazil & Portugal).

  • Dejarás la tierra (You Shall Leave Your Homeland) (2017) (novel)
    (Planeta, Latin America and Spain).

July 2018

Julián Fuks


October 2018

Julián Fuks was born in São Paulo in 1981 and is the son of Argentinian parents. As an author whose work has garnered nominations from several of Brazil’s top literary prizes and accolades from Granta, Fuks has gained recognition as one of Brazil’s most outstanding young writers. Currently also a critic and translator, Fuks graduated in journalism from the Universidade de São Paulo and soon began working as a literary reporter and critic for Folha de S. Paulo, one of Latin America’s biggest-selling newspapers. In 2009, he received a master’s degree in Latin American Literature and he still expects to complete his doctorate in literary theory. During 2017, Fuks worked alongside Mia Couto, one of Africa’s leading writers, as part of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Of all the books he has written, Fuks calls his latest novel, Resistance (Winner of the Jabuti Award for Best Novel of the Year 2016, and the José Saramago Literary Prize 2017) his most important work.

List of publications

  • Fragmentos de Alberto, Ulisses, Carolina e eu (2004) (short stories)
    (7Letras, Rio de Janeiro)

  • Histórias de literatura e cegueira (2007) (essay + fiction)
    (Record, Rio de Janeiro)
    Finalist for the Telecom Award
    Finalist for the Jabuti Award

  • Procura do romance (2011) (novel)
    (Record, Rio de Janeiro)
    Shortlisted for the São Paulo Prize for Literature
    Longlisted for the Telecom Award

  • A Resistência* (Resistance) (2016) (novel)
    (Companhia das Letras, Sao Paulo; Penguin Random House, Latin America and Portugal; Grasset, France; Quarup Editrice, Italy).


Daniel Mella


Daniel Mella (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1976) is one of the key figures of contemporary Uruguayan literature. He began his career as a writer when he was only 21, with the publication of his first novel, Pogo, which would then be followed by Derretimiento, recently re-published in Spain, and Noviembre. He has also published a book of short stories entitled Lava, which obtained the Bartolomé Hidalgo Prize, the most prestigious literary prize in Uruguay. After almost a decade without writing, Mella returned to the literary scene with his fourth novel, El hermano mayor, which has been very well received by critics in Uruguay, Argentina and Spain. It also made Mella a second-time winner of the Bartolomé Hidaldo Prize (2017). Mella’s writings have appeared in several anthologies. He writes regularly for the cultural section of El País, as well as for Lento magazine. He lives in a small coastal town in Uruguay. 

List of publications

  • Pogo (1997) (novel)
    (Aymará, Montevideo, 1997; Hum, Montevideo, 2007)

  • Derretimiento (Melting) (1998) (novel)
    (Trilce, Montevideo, 1998; Lengua de Trapo, Madrid, 1999; Hum, Montevideo, 2007)

  • Noviembre (November) (2000) (novel)
    (Alfaguara, 2000, Irrupciones, Montevideo, 2010)

  • Lava (2013) (short stories)
    (Hum, Montevideo, 2013)

  • El hermano mayor* (Older Brother) (2016) (novel)
    (Hum, Montevideo, 2016; Eterna Cadencia, Argentina, 2017; Comba, Spain, 2017)

August 2018