The Lot 2019

The Lot 2019


Here we have our entire 2019 catalogue - 6 titles this year instead of our usual 5 - at the great discounted price of £50 (over 15% off!!).

We have an amazing line-up for this year, including the much anticipated sequel to Die, My Love by Ariana Harwicz and Gabriela Cabezón Cámara’s most recent novel, also our first authors from Mexico (Brenda Lozano) and Guatemala (Rodrigo Fuentes) and the incredible Selva Almada (Argentina) and Giuseppe Caputo (Colombia). It is worth noting that both Lozano and Caputo are part of Hay Festival’s Bogotá39 list, and that Trout, Belly Up by Rodrigo Fuentes was recently finalist for the Gabriel García Márquez Prize for Short Stories.

We are also introducing some fabulously talented new translators, as well as some names you may already be familiar with.

So - what is there to wait for? Grab The Lot and just sit back and wait for fabulous new works to arrive at your door every couple of months!

Each title will be shipped directly to you on, but usually before, its official release date.

The full 2019 line-up looks like this:

All of the above combined would cost £60.94 - but with The Lot bundle you pay just £50!

And remember - we pay ALL shipping costs within the UK, and HALF shipping costs to anywhere else in the world.

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