Xmas ChocLit Special - Die, My Love + Ocelot Chocolate

Xmas ChocLit Special - Die, My Love + Ocelot Chocolate


What's better than a beautiful book to read? Having some mouthwatering chocolate to nibble on whilst reading it, that's what!

Charco Press has teamed up with another independent Scottish startup, Ocelot Chocolate, to offer you a novel and inexpensive Christmas gift solution. We are pairing each of our books with one of their amazing chocolate flavours!

Here we have the turbulent Die, My Love by Ariana Harwicz matched with Ocelot's equally adventurous Bee Pollen and Mango chocolate.  And they look so good together! 

The two will be beautifully gift-wrapped by hand, and delivered wherever you wish.

There you have it - an absolutely unique and inexpensive gift idea that is supporting not one, but two new independent businesses. Genius!

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